Man takes plea deal in officer involved shooting

Man takes plea deal in officer involved shooting

OWENSBORO, Ky. (WFIE) - David Turley took a plea deal Monday to bring his charge to a class D felony which will keep him out of prison. Turley says he didn’t know the man was an officer when he saw him lurking around his fence in the early morning hours in October 2018.

David Turley is breathing a sigh of relief knowing he doesn’t have to face any jail time after he was accused of shooting an Owensboro police officer in 2018.

“Mr. Turley, at his point in life, his health situation, his family situation, understanding all the facts and understanding the risks decided to take the plea," Evan Taylor, Turley’s attorney said. "And, I respect and admire him for doing so.”

Turley was adamant about not spending time in jail so he could be with his grandchildren.

Turley was given no jail time, no fine or court costs, and has the ability to regain all of his rights including his gun rights after two years.

“It’s an awful lot of resources and time and energy and stress to basically have an agreement where Mr. Turley’s doing nothing different than he did before all this," Taylor said.

Turley says he often thinks about what could’ve happened during that early morning encounter. He says it’s changed his perspective on his life and he says he has no ill will to any police officer or department.

“I’m alive," he said. "I could have died that night. Officer Morris could have died that night. It could have went horrible, either way. You know, I look at life a whole lot more precious, a whole lot more different than I used to.”

Officer Zachary Morris has not been charged in the incident, although he admitted to shooting first. Morris is now a deputy with the Daviess County Sheriff’s Office.

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