Hagedorn’s being torn down for expansion

Hagedorn’s being torn down for expansion

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Demolition is underway on a Franklin Street fixture which stood for more than a 130 years.

It was most recently known as Hagedorn’s, a long-time family-owned business but has been closed since February of 2017.

The owners tell 14 News their original plan was to remodel, expand, and keep as much as the remaining structure as possible, but during the development stage, those plans fell apart.

However, they do plan to re-purpose some of what was saved.

Built in 1883, the two-story gable style building has been sitting on the corner of W. Franklin and Tenth St. for well over a century.

Originally “Mundos Tavern,” built for Philip Mundo, is the second recognizable survivor from the Independence Era, serving a combination of purposes: the saloon, a boarding house, plus a personal residence for the Mundo’s.

Mundo ran his saloon until about 1892 when he began leasing out the building.

During the early 1900′s, there were a variety of owners selling spirits or during Prohibition, soft drinks and ice cream.

“We pulled out the front windows, we plan to use those inside, some of the doors we plan to use inside as decorative pieces, we’ve had some of the other main characteristics of the front of Hagedorn’s, the awning taken down, it’s in storage,” owner Stacy Nunning explained.

Since 1935, and for decades to follow until recent years, the building served patrons as Hagedorn’s.

The owners say they are taking over neighboring H&R Block, completely tearing down both buildings and rebuilding a brand new bar and grill which will still be called Hagedorn’s.

They want to keep the historic feel to match the rest of the street.

“There will be a lot of brick, a lot of wood, metal, it’ll be a combination of all those things,” Nunning said.

Menu items have not been nailed down yet, but they are working on it.

Nunning added they want to start re-building as quickly as possible.

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