Invasive black carp enter the Ohio River

Invasive black carp enter the Ohio river

INDIANA (WFIE) - In June, two black carp were caught 10 miles past the Indiana state line.

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources is offering a $100 bounty per fish.

Black carp threaten Indiana’s mussel population. Most mussel species are endangered or listed as a species of special concern, due to pollution and habitat loss.

Black carp resemble grass carp. Click here to view differences between the two.

If you catch a black carp:

  • Keep the fish and make note of its location.
  • Cool the fish on ice once you have killed it.
  • Call the DNR at 1-866-663-9684 to report the fish

Black carp are native to Asia and were brought to the United States in the 1970-80s. They escaped captivity and are now found in the Mississippi River basin.

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