Evansville area anesthesiologist under investigation, civil suit filed

Evansville area anesthesiologist under investigation, civil suit filed

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - A Tri-State doctor is under investigation by the Evansville Police Department.

Officers said they were notified of an allegation against Dr. Nirmal Joshi, an anesthesiologist with Deaconess Health System.

According to a statement from EPD, the Sex Crimes unit is looking into the case and cannot comment until the investigation is complete.

According to Deaconess’ website, Dr. Joshi practices at Deaconess Midtown in Evansville and Deaconess Gateway in Newburgh.

14 News contacted Deaconess Health System for comment on the investigation. Their statement reads:

"Deaconess Hospital is deeply committed to the safety of our patients and our employees. When we learned of [the accuser’s] allegations from another employee, Deaconess sought out [the accuser] and began a comprehensive investigation into the allegations known to us at the time. Deaconess determined that [the accuser’s] allegations were inconsistent with the evidence and could not be substantiated after a nearly two month investigation, including interviewing numerous witnesses, reviewing security camera footage, and reviewing electronic sign in/out records; therefore Deaconess concluded there was no cause for further action. [The accuser’s], who was represented by legal counsel for the majority of Deaconess’ investigation, voluntarily resigned before the conclusion of the investigation.

Deaconess has not been asked by any law enforcement agency to provide any information regarding [the accuser’s] allegations, but would cooperate with any such investigation."

A civil suit has also been filed against Joshi by the former colleague.

The suit filed in Warrick Circuit Court demands a jury trial on several counts including assault, battery, invasion of privacy and false imprisonment.

The counts listed in the suit allege the incidents occurred at Deaconess Midtown, Deaconess Gateway, and the colleague’s home between January and March, 2019.

14 News reached out to the defendant’s attorney who said she cannot comment on pending litigation.

Officials with Deaconess Health System responded to our request for comment on the civil suit with the following statement:

“Deaconess is not a party to this lawsuit and therefore has no comment.”

14 News also contacted Dr. Nirmal Joshi for comment on the investigation and civil suit. His attorney sent us a statement.

It reads in part: “Dr. Nirmal Joshi adamantly denies the allegations of misconduct made by [the accuser]. Dr. Joshi’s employer, Deaconess Hospital, conducted a thorough investigation of the allegations and concluded that the allegations were unsubstantiated. Unfortunately, [the accuser] is in Court seeking to restrict access or release of any information from the Deaconess investigation. Dr. Joshi intends to defend himself against these false allegations made by [the accuser] but can make no further comment at this time.”

The accuser’s attorney could not comment on that statement either.

A protective order was filed against Joshi by the former colleague and defendant in the civil suit on March 5, 2019.

Court officials said Joshi filed a request for a hearing on the order, scheduled for July 31 in Warrick County Circuit Court.

We also contacted Warrick County law enforcement officials. The prosecutor said no criminal charges have been filed in their county, and there is not an open investigation.

Wednesday, the sheriff’s office told 14 News there is an open criminal investigation in Warrick County.

This is a developing story.

Dr. Nirmal Joshi
Dr. Nirmal Joshi (Source: Deaconess Website)

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