Mesker’s Dr. Zoo Camp brings learning into a new environment

Mesker’s Dr. Zoo Camp brings learning into a new environment

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - While summer is a time for fun, it can also be a time for learning. That’s what Mesker Park Zoo is all about this week with their Dr. Zoo Camp.

For students, summer vacation means a lot of things, and learning does NOT top that list. Dr. Zoo Camp at the Mesker Park Zoo is different.

Senior Camp Counselor Whitney Caryn Brown says that the kids to come to the zoo everyday excited to continue learning outside of the classroom.

“It’s great that they’re coming to a camp where they’re still learning it’s going to help them a lot academically in the school year as well because you hear a lot about how much they lose during the summer,” said Brown.

So, the zoo staff went about taking the lessons out of the book and putting the kids in a different environment.

“We get to touch a lot of animals and we get to interact with some of the keepers behind the scenes so that’s special to them because not everybody in the public gets to do that," said another senior counselor, Emma Niederhaus.

Dr. Zoo Camp focuses on teaching students STEM skills, that stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Niederhaus and Caryn Brown say they use experiments to illustrate how different chemicals can react and what the process that scientists use everyday.

“When they come to these camps and their brain is still engaged and there is a little bit of reading it’s going to help them overall as a person be more successful,” said Brown. “There is no greater feeling in the world than just seeing a child light up and it click and grow and learn and you have a new piece of knowledge and more than that they’re gaining confidence in themselves.”

For Niederhaus and Caryn Brown, that’s what zoo camp is all about.

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