Campers wait in line with spot at 2019 ROMP Festival

Campers wait in line with spot at 2019 ROMP Festival

OWENSBORO, Ky. (WFIE) - The 2019 ROMP festival begins on Thursday, but people began lining up days in advance.

Campers and RV’s have filled the parking lot of Yellow Creek Baptist Church in Owensboro. Each person waiting for their chance to grab their spot for ROMP.

After two days of waiting the magic words finally came from officials, “Gate is open.”

From their the “fun madness," as one camper called it, began.

Speaking to festival goers in the line, they didn’t seem to mind the over 48-hours worth of waiting. In fact, Todd Schmitt, didn’t mind one bit.

“I’m a school teacher so it’s like the end of my year, I can’t wait to get out of here and unwind, hangout, and pick a little music, meet friends and it’s just a good time," Schmitt said.

Schmitt is from the Atlantic Coast of New Jersey making his sixth trip to Owensboro for the Bluegrass Music Festival. He says there’s something special in the air, when ROMP rolls around.

“It’s not only the professionals," said Schmitt. "It’s the people who just want to pick and jam and they always seem to find a group of people who they can pick with.”

Glenn Burns, who is also attending his sixth ROMP event, sits second in line and feels the same way.

“The camaraderie with all the different people from all over the county to the people who are local," said Burns. "A lot of people come every year. I’ve met them and made friendships with them and that’s a begun aspect of it that makes it all so enjoyable. Last year I was camped next to a fellow from California. He came all the way from California to go to this. Then people from New Jersey last night. Met people from Illinois, Indiana, South Valdosta Georgia! You know that’s a long way to come for music festival.”

Needless to say there is something in the air and it’s bringing people together.

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