UE’s Linden Trees scheduled for trimming

UE’s Linden Trees scheduled for trimming

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - A popular tree on the University of Evansville’s campus is getting a trim.

According to officials, a couple of the Linden Tree’s limbs will be removed around early July. They say the increased weight and squirrel damage has caused the much-needed trim.

Often times, students will sit on the limbs in-between classes or take photos of the unique tree.

“I like trees so if it’s gonna keep it’s health and that’s perfectly fine with me as long as you don’t cut the whole thing down and just keep it healthy,” Christin Donahoe, UE Senior, says.

“If they’re not cutting the whole thing down, we can still get our pictures in and study around it and stuff too,” Madi Jones, UE Grad Student, says.

Officials say they will notify the campus community when a final date is set for the trimming so everyone can snap their last photos before then.

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