Last Bishop Soenneker Home resident moves out

Last Bishop Soenneker Home resident moves out

DAVIESS CO., Ky. (WFIE) - The last person has moved out from the Bishop Soenneker Home.

“Yeah, it definitely is missing people," Larry Cole, a concerned Knottsville resident said.

The diocese announced in March that the home would be closing, disappointing many in the community. Knottsville residents protested the closing outside the diocese and even held an open forum to talk it through, but nothing changed.

“I was sort of surprised," Cole said. "I figured that it had been here since I moved in and then a long time before I moved in. I thought it was a staple, but evidently it wasn’t.”

“This facility is like family," Tom Isbill, a concerned Knottville resident said. "I mean they treat you like family here. A lot of rest homes will not treat you like family.”

Friends of former residents we spoke to tell us many of the residents have been moved to Fern Terrace and seem happy there. The administrator of the home plans to help connect residents that may be at other homes.

“Just all over the place," Cole said. "Separated from their friends, and most of them, there were some people that lived there 40 years.”

Now with empty swings and parking lots, the Bishop Soenneker home is closed for business.

Bishop Medley released this statement after the last resident moved out Wednesday:

"As the last resident of the Bishop Soenneker Home moved out today, the Diocese of Owensboro would like to thank former residents and their families for the patience and perseverance they exhibited. We recognize this was a hardship for everyone involved. Our primary goal from the beginning was to provide a safe and smooth transition for every single resident. Thank you to all of the employees of the Bishop Soenneker Home who provided a peaceful, supportive environment over the years and throughout the closing of the home.

We would like to reiterate that there are no immediate plans for the building or lot.

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