Camp Reveal gives inner city kids a change of scenery

Camp Reveal gives inner-city kids a change of scenery

VANDERBURGH CO., Ind. (WFIE) - We’re still two days away from the officials “start of summer,” but camp season is already in full effect.

One summer camp in the Tri-State wants everyone to get the camp experience, even those who might not be able to afford a traditional summer camp.

Take a drive 20 minutes away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Evansville and you’ll find a place of reflection. Nestled among the trees off of Bonneville New Harmony Road lies Camp Reveal, a 105 acre camping and retreat center that hosts camp during the summer.

It’s that seclusion and the serenity that comes with it that makes Camp Reveal special, according to Executive Director Kyle Gorman.

“Giving them that space where it’s not busy car streets and busy sidewalks and just that open area that gives us that thing that people need to kind of relax and realize that I can be myself out here," Gorman said.

Camp Reveal gives inner city kids a change of scenery

The faith based camp is a branch of the Evansville Rescue Mission and focuses on giving children who live at or below the poverty line a chance to experience camp life. At the same time, it helps extend the rescue mission’s message of serving the community to a younger generation.

“We realize that when the kids come to Camp Reveal they may not have an opportunity any other time this summer to go to some place like this," said Evansville Rescue Mission Executive Director Tracy Gorman. "We feel that these days that we’re able to invest in them pay huge dividends down the road as they grow up.”

Kyle Gorman says the experience of working with the campers is very special.

“You kind of see that inner-city shell on them and then by the time the first night is over and the second morning has started they know that we’re going to tell them what to do and they need to be sticking to their schedule and you kind of see them drop that and they become those normal kids again,” Gorman said.

It’s when that shell comes down that the kid comes out, and it’s up to the staff of 18 counselors on site to help make that happen.

“I think it’s really important to be that counselor who show it; who’s very open about how much they care for the kids,” said Ashley Gorman, a counselor at Camp Reveal. “I want each kid to know they’re loved. If they’re hear then they’re taken care of and it’s going to be consistent.”

There are still spots available for the summer day camps at Camp Reveal.

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