Real ID: Date announced for first Kentucky county rollout

Real ID: Date announced for first Kentucky county rollout
This is what a driver's license will look like when residents opt for it be a Voluntary Travel ID. (Source: KYTC)

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Finally.

The state has announced a date for the rollout of its new, more secure driver’s licenses.

The pilot phase will begin June 28 in Franklin County. Woodford and Hart counties would be next, but a date hasn’t been announced for residents in those locations.

The state issued a release Tuesday announcing the news, adding that a phased, county-by-county rollout for the rest of the state will begin later in the summer following the pilot period.


Driver’s licensing offices in Franklin County will be closed Thursday, June 27 so the new equipment can be installed. There will be new touchpads that allow citizens to enter and verify personal information, bringing a more interactive experience.

“We’re excited to extend testing of the new driver’s license production and issuance system to Franklin County,” Department of Vehicle Regulation Commissioner, Matt Henderson, said. “By including a small number of offices in a pilot phase, we can closely monitor the entire process and make any needed changes before cards roll out statewide.”

At first excited at the beginning of the year, Kentuckians have been frustrated that the Real IDs are still not available. The program began due to post-Sept. 11 security concerns, and nationally, enforcement of Real ID compliance doesn’t begin until Oct. 1, 2020. Thus, current drivers licenses are still valid to use for air travel until then.

Kentucky’s new licenses are said to be among the most secure in the nation. “From added security in the card to a more safeguarded process, citizens can be confident in the changes to the credential they rely on most,” Henderson said.

All applicants will be issued a temporary document, valid for driving, until the permanent card arrives in the mail 5-10 business days later, according to the release.

Kentuckians can click here to learn about the differences between the standard ID and the Voluntary Travel ID, and to find out what you’ll need to apply for either when the time comes. That site also will be where the state posts rollout dates for each of the pilot counties.

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