Ohio River Sweep draws hundreds to Evansville riverfront

Ohio River Sweep draws hundreds to Evansville riverfront

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - High waters from spring showers leave a lot of trash along the Ohio River. The Ohio River Sweep helps to get that unwanted trash away from the banks in six different states.

Local communities like Evansville have been participating in this cleanup effort for years, but Saturday was Evansville’s greatest turnout. Around 200 volunteered and organizer Carl Gist could not be more proud.

“I am so pleased to have so many community partners come out and show that they care about Evansville and the community,” said Gist.

While Gist was determined to make sure the community came together for the cleanup, he will tell you it was the volunteers, like Bob Scheller, who really made it a success.

“We take for granted the river, we’ve got to keep it clean. We’ve got to look at the big picture, so the trash that we picked up today is going to avoid going to the Mississippi River and the Gulf of Mexico. So if we start upriver, it’s going to help the whole community and will be great,” said Scheller.

There were volunteers of all ages and sizes. The Flores family made sure their whole family was involved.

“We’ve been doing this event for several years. We only have one planet. It is very important for us to protect it and we want to make sure and tell our children about that message too and educate them about that,” said Robert Flores.

Robert’s daughters, eight-year-old Elizabeth, and six-year-old Kenzie, already understand the importance. Let them be a lesson for those who want to get involved next year.

“If these kids can do it than you can do it too, and it would really be a big help if they helped too," said Elizabeth Flores.

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