Posey Co. Extension Educator appalled at Fair Oaks Farm treatment

Posey Co. Extension Educator appalled at Fair Oaks Farm treatment

POSEY COUNTY, Ind. (WFIE) - Dutchman farms in Wadesville has a history of caring for cattle goes back decades, it’s a mission of Hans Schmitz.

Schmitz is the Purdue Extension Educator and his family owns the farm.

He and many others say the Fair Oaks Farm video released on social media in no way represents how cattle or any livestock should ever be treated.

“The actions were appalling and not fit with animal welfare, cow comfort or any other suitable standard for the livestock industry,” Schmitz said.

The video shows the abuse of calves by workers at Fair Oaks Farms.

Schmitz works to educate kids and teens on the best ways to handle dairy.

“The Indiana 4-H program, every youth that shows livestock goes through at least an hour long program called youth for the quality care of animals,” Schmitz said. “We definitely talk about the animal welfare, and best management practices for animal handling, comfort and quality care of the animal.”

Authorities in Fair Oaks Indiana have since arrested 36-year-old Edgar Gardonzo-Vasquez.

Right now, that Fair Oaks Farm investigation is still underway in Northern Indiana. Authorities do expect more arrests in animal abuse will be made.

It’s the kind of behavior Schmitz works every day to prevent in future generations.

“We teach if you see something you say something,” said Schmitz.

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