Animal Control: 45-50 cats removed from hoarding situation at Owensboro apartment

Dozens of cats removed from hoarding situation in Owensboro

DAVIESS CO., Ky. (WFIE) - Animal control officials say around 50 cats were taken from a hoarding situation at an apartment in Owensboro on Wednesday.

Ashley Thompson, director of animal control, said the cat owner was cooperative. They believe they rescued anywhere from 45 to 50 cats including more than a dozen kittens.

“Definitely a situation that was way too small, too crowded for cats, for that many cats," Ashley Thompson the director of Daviess County Animal Countrol said. "A lot of the cats have hair loss, a lot of them are sick, look like they have upper respiratory.”

Animal control came out to the apartment off of west Byers Avenue Wednesday afternoon with the help of OPD to serve a warrant to get the cats out of that crowded situation.

“That’s a lot of cats for anyone to take care of, financially or physically," Thompson said. "You know you’d have to have a whole team of people to take car of that many cats. I mean that’s about how many we have at the shelter and we have a team of people to work there everyday.”

For the cat's owner, it was a difficult day to give up her pets.

“It’s just really hard right now," Angela Coomes, who owned the cats, said. "But she said I could have the ones back so I’m kind of grateful for that. And I hope they find really good homes, I really do, cause they are really good cats.”

And animal control officers say one simple solution could have prevented this entire situation.

“It could have all been avoided if the original couple of cats that the owner had, had gotten them fixed," Thompson said. "This is just a product of not getting animals fixed.”

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