Local nurse helps deliver and save baby

Local nurse helps deliver and save baby

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Deaconess Woman’s Hospital says Labor and Delivery nurse Kirsten was getting gas after work.

After just talking to her husband, who is an Evansville Firefighter, she got a call back. He said a pregnant woman was there and needed help.

Kirsten found the woman in the parking lot, having contractions. Just at that time, firetrucks and an ambulance showed up.

Kirsten offered her help and in the back of the ambulance she helped deliver the baby still in the amniotic sac.

The little girl took a breath but then stopped breathing.

They rushed her to the woman’s hospital where a team was waiting, and got the baby breathing again.

Deaconess says Kirsten’s work just may have saved mom and the baby’s life.

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