Dozens gather Monday to remember man killed in Owensboro shooting

Dozens gather Monday to remember man killed in Owensboro shooting

OWENSBORO, Ky. (WFIE) - A vigil honoring 25-year-old Nick Decker came only hours after police released a new video showing the suspects in the deadly shooting investigation.

Owensboro Police say the two men are seen leaving the home where Decker was killed over the weekend.

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Standing in a circle in Smothers Park was a showing of support for the family and close friends of Decker. His mom says many people have reached out on social media, but a large turnout in person for the vigil makes her smile.

“To actually see all these people here for my son, that shows me what kind of impact he made on other people’s lives,” Shelley Decker said.

Nick was shot and killed in a home on 9th street in Owensboro around midnight Saturday.

“I’m sorry for not being there enough, as a brother,” Tyler Crabtree explained. “I love him more than anything in this world.”

With a passion for music, Nick worked as a local DJ.

"He was a great dude, a friend to everybody I’ve ever seen him meet. And the world is a little bit less of a place,” his friend Seth Lovan shared.

Lovan was first met Nick in high school and was introduced in the circle. Their group would grow tighter over the years and picked up several nicknames along the way.

“Originally I knew him as ‘big engine,’ which was more back in the Brothers Pizza days when he was younger. Then ‚when he started DJing, it was ‘beats engine,’ and then ‘Jeffy,’“ Lovan added.

Nick’s brother tells us he misses him already. The two shared a bond like lyrics to a melody of a song that ended too soon.

"I’ll never be able to give him another hug again, it hurts real bad,” Crabtree stated.

Police are now sharing that they believe Nick was targeted.

They are continuing to search for those responsible.

If you have information, call Owensboro Police.

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