Couple mistakenly forced from home during SWAT operation

Couple mistakenly forced from home during SWAT operation
Updated: Jun. 10, 2019 at 9:50 PM CDT
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EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - It was a scary moment for an Evansville couple when SWAT mistakenly forced a couple from their apartment.

Police told the victim they were looking for a man with an ankle bracelet whom they believed lived in the unit below.

This happened back on May 2 at Eastland Apartments.

Alexandria Higgins is still shaken up and upset about being forced from their home and detained.

She and partner, D’Angelo, were sitting inside when they heard the loud boom of a flash bang.

“I’m scared of like loud noises now, like especially around the door and stuff,” said Higgins.

When Alexandria Higgins and partner D’Angelo opened their door to investigate a loud boom, they were greeted by SWAT.

Higgins says officers demanded they step outside with their hands in the air and walk backwards to the SWAT car.

She says they sat in the back seat, with zip-tied wrists, asking for answers.

Out of their confusion came the officers’ realization that they had the wrong apartment. Higgins lives in an apartment two numbers off from the apartment number named in the search warrant.

“They were like, ‘well the numbers are made weird.’ But I’m like, ‘you know you threw a flash bomb at my door, like I have a child. What if my child had been home?’”

SWAT searched her apartment and found nothing.

Higgings says detectives told her they were looking for a man with an ankle bracelet. She says the apartment they meant to look in has been empty for months.

“So when the detective came, he was like ‘I’m so sorry I apologize.’ I’m like, ‘okay, but I’m innocent. I haven’t done anything wrong. You threw a flashbang grenade at my door for one.’ My son’s shoes were out there. He hasn’t even gotten to wear them a lot. They’re white, so now they’re just black,” said Higgins.

The next day, Higgins filed a “Citizen Complaint Form” for the incident. She received a letter from the city’s claims administrator.

“On behalf of the city of Evansville, we offer our apologies for the circumstances and events that led to your complaint. There was a miscommunication that led to you being inadvertently involved in a police matter,” the letter said.

The city is offering $500 for the inconvenience, but Higgins doesn’t intend to accept the money.

Police say this kind of miscommunication among units can happen but is rare.

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