Homicide victim parents remember son

Homicide victim parents remember son

OWENSBORO, Ky. (WFIE) - Nick Decker’s parents are just absolutely heartbroken after losing their son. They described his smile as infectious and said they miss his wisdom. Today they shared how badly they want justice for him.

“Always happy. Always the life of the party,” Rick Decker, Nick’s father said.

Nick Decker was loved by many, but nothing like his family.

“I may not have given birth to him, but he was my child," Shelley Decker, Nick’s mother said. "I was his mom and I loved him with everything in me.”

Shelley and Rick Decker shared some of their favorite memories of their son, going through picture by picture.

They shared his love for DJ-ing...

“That was him," Shelley said. "That was him, he was in his element. That was when he was the most comfortable.”

His family...

“The most wonderful, loving son that a mother could ever ask for," Shelley said.

And, they talked about his zest for life...

“How many people’s lives he touched," Shelley said. "It makes me proud. It made me realize we did a good job of raising him.”

But now, they have to live with the darkness of never seeing him again.

“He was a good kid," Rick said. "I say kid, but he was 25. But still, he was a kid to us.”

They say the community support has meant the world to them.

“The outpouring from people that we don’t even know has been so supportive," Shelley said.

But they can't believe their son was taken so soon, and pray for justice.

“He was a kind, loving, human being that did not deserve what happened to him," Shelley said.

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