Community rallies to stop violence

Community rallies to stop violence

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - A brainstorming session against violence happened Sunday at Evansville Central Library.

With the recent increase in violent crimes around Evansville, members of the community sat down to talk about how they could stop the violence.

Thinking of ways to keep their kids outside for the summer but out of the streets.

They landed on an idea that includes water games and activities. They’re hoping to make the event for all ages. They tell us they got the idea from a Facebook post.

“When I was reading the article I was like hey that looks like fun that’s something the community can, you know, rally together. It doesn’t have to be me an I or whatever, it can just be the whole community come together and figure out what we can do to get these kids to burn some energy and have some fun,” said Mariama Wilson.

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