Homeowners concerned about lack of internet, cable and phone service

New homeowners concerned over lack of cable, internet, and phone service

NEWBURGH, Ind. (WFIE) -New homeowners aren’t happy after they say they aren’t getting what they bargained for in their newly developed subdivision.

The Eastwick at Berkshire subdivision is located just off the beaten path in Newburgh.

Sara Hatfield owns a home there she said,“We had an opportunity to pick out pretty much everything in the home."

There’s just one problem with the homes, there’s no way to connect them to the outside world.

“We have several appliances in the home that all their functions, you can’t use them fully without WiFi, which we don’t have,” said Hatfield.

They currently have no WiFi, no cable and no phone service. This is something Hatfield and her wife said they had no idea when they chose to build here.

“Our neighbors had had someone come out to take a look the area and they say no we can’t service your area,” said Hatfield.

Jagoe homes says it’s an issue the company worked to prevent for future home owners, but is out of their hands and now up to the service providers.

Manuel Ball, the VP of Land for Jagoe Homes said, “We started our construction on our model home on January 8th of 2019. So we contacted them six months prior to that and it sounds like at this particular point in time, they are still not in. They are all three working on getting to the community.”

Hatfield said without these services, they feel cut off from loved ones. She said, “It’s also one of the ways we keep in contact and communicate with our family that’s across the country.”

This is something Jagoe said the company wishes was a faster process for their clients, and now gives service providers more advance notice before starting new housing developments.

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