Evansville’s Habitat for Humanity hands over keys to the largest home they’ve ever built

Habitat dedicates largest home in Evansville

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - A large Evansville family will soon have a spacious place to live. They got the keys to their brand new home Thursday evening.

14 News is learning they are setting a record for the largest home built locally through Habitat for Humanity.

A dozen people will be living in that new home, including 10 children and their parents. Those with Habitat say the home about twice the size of their typical floor plans.

Some of the kids will still share rooms, but say they’re looking forward to settling into their new space.

“Daniel, Benjamin, Joseph, David, Michael, Stephen, Luke, Anna, Joshua, Caleb, Brent, Vicky,” the family introduced themselves.

The Heeke’s now have the keys to their new home on Grand Avenue.

“We have seen so many people who have put in such hard work, in the heat, snow, ice, rain, week in- week out, never expecting anything,” father Brent Heeke recalled.

The seven bedrooms, two baths, with a large living and kitchen area will soon to be filled with one energetic family.

While volunteering at the Christian Life Center, mother, Vicky, went to an informational session on Habitat and they decided to apply.

The Heeke’s say they have moved 15 or 16 times and have a had cramped living areas with a mix of pull-out and trundle beds.

“We have a decent sized duplex right now, but we just don’t have a lot of space and a lot of times kitchens aren’t designed for a big family, and it’s hard to fit everybody around the kitchen table to eat so we’re really looking forward to just being able to do that, and have guests in,” Brent explained.

They’re not just excited about all the space, but the stability that comes along with it.

The family who once spent a lot of time outdoors, now has more of an incentive to stay in.

“We can all eat together now, and everybody has their own space and just so thankful,” Vicky Heeke smiled.

The ten kids, plus mom and dad, will be living in the home. The couple has another son, their oldest, John, who lives with his grandparents in Texas.

They hope to move into the home in about a month.

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