Poseyville PD adds cameras to help keep community safe

Updated: Jun. 6, 2019 at 5:55 PM CDT
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POSEYVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - The town is working hard to make sure the town stays safe, which is why they have implemented a new type of security system in the small town.

Resources in Poseyville can often be limited. That encouraged their Town Marshall to think smarter not harder.

“Anything that we can do to get creative, as a one man department, I don’t have the option to really increase patrol,” said Charles Carter, the Poseyville Town Marshall.

With a small police department, Carter came up with a way to bring in extra eyes and ears. The town purchased four of these cameras help cut back on crime.

“It operates off of solar power and it runs on the cell towers,” Carter explained.

The four cameras cost the town $2,000, but it was all funded through a grant.

“We’ve had some issues in some residential areas where yard signs have been stolen, we’ve had some lawn ornaments stolen," said Carter. "These are small little crimes but they really have an impact on the owner.”

Local businesses like Jonie’s Flower Shop are thankful for the creativity of the small department. “I think it’s awesome, I mean Poseyville is already a realitvly safe town but they are doing everything they can to keep it that way and I just think it’s great,” said Joni Jackson, Owner of Jonies Flower Shop.

They can even be in a tree, not seen to the naked eye.

“Every time that it detects motion, it will give me a picture or it can record up to two minutes of video, in each session,” Carter says.

Carter also added they have had no reports of crime since they purchased the cameras just a few weeks ago.

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