Camp KOPS brings kids and cops together

Camp KOPS brings kids, cops together

HANCOCK CO., Ky. (WFIE) - Some kids in Owensboro are getting a unique opportunity to go camping with cops.

It’s all part of Camp KOPS, a week long overnight camp that helps connect the kids in community with members of the Owensboro Police Department.

“It allows them to see officers in a positive way," said Owensboro Police Officer Andrew Boggess. "You know sometimes kids might not have always had a positive experience with police in the past. They get to know us as people and get to see us as human. Like I said they get to have those positive experiences and they get to build on that.”

For kids like 11-year-old Isaac Mattingly, the camp allowed him to meet new friends and have fun.

Camp KOPS brings kids and cops together

“It is my first time and it’s so fun. We went swimming," Mattingly said.

But this is more than just the typical camp experience for these kids. They get to be a part of some of the unique aspects of being a police officer.

The Emergency Response Team was out on Tuesday, the K-9 Unit came out on Wednesday and Thursday the Hazardous Device Unit will be bringing out their robots for a demonstration.

“You build relationship with the kids, you get to interact with them and like I said that’s one of the nice things of doing it overnight when the kids are with you for four days straight they really get to develop a bond with you and you get to know them well. You know where if this was a day camp you get to develop that kind of relationship with them," said Officer Boggess.

The campers will head home on Friday afternoon.

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