Storm damages homes in the Tri-State

Storm damages homes in the Tri-State

OWENSBORO, Ky. (WFIE) - A big storm hit the Tri-State Sunday afternoon and left a lot of homes damaged in a small Kentucky community.

It only took 8 minutes. That’s what one man told us when he described what happened to a front yard.

“We were originally in the pool and then we got out to go inside because the wind just started picking up it was crazy,” said Devin Lanham.

The wind didn’t last for long.

“Then it started to blow over, so we wasn’t worried about it. We got out and we jump back in the pool. Everything was fine, we look up, the sky was blue, and then out of nowhere it just sounded like a train,” said Devin.

A sound accompanied by skies that pointed to trouble.

" I felt like I was in the movie twister. Like right before they entered the tornado. Like it was nothing but grey, we couldn’t see nothing," said Devin.

When everything cleared, they noticed something was missing from their garage.

“Then you know we looked up after it was over and the roof was gone.”

With winds up to 70 miles per hour, uprooting trees and moving boats.

“I know that I’ve never seen anything like this before. Here like we’ve had some serious winds before, but I’ve never seen an actual line of just destruction. From here all the way through, tearing down trees and everything else it was pretty crazy.”

There have been reports of storm damage across the Tri-State.

Barn and building roofs damaged.

Eight to 10-foot trees uprooted, and multiple trees fallen on vehicles.

No official word on if a a tornado actually touched land here in Kentucky.

The National Weather Service is still working to decide if they will be surveying the area.

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