Honor Flight veterans return home

Honor Flight veterans return home

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Families, friends, and strangers all lined up with posters in hand ready to surprise and welcome home their veterans.

85 veterans walked through the parade as bag pipes rang out and crowds cheered.

All for veterans who were chosen by the community around them to experience a day in D.C.

We spoke with a lot of people during the parade. A number of them just in shock and emotional about all the love they were seeing that night.

Participants say they can’t thank them enough for their sacrifice.

“It’s electric here! Everybody is very patriotic there’s people dressed up like Uncle Sam," said Sheryl Ferguson. "Everybody’s got t-shirts, and flags. It’s just a great American atmosphere. I love it! We’re excited to see my dad and have him home. He’s never been to Washington DC before, so it’s really an exciting day for him.”

Cub Scout leader Daniel A. Nowakowski says there is valuable lesson these young men can learn by being apart of this parade.

“I hope they realize that what they have comes from the people before them and helps them idolize true heroes of our nation,” said Nowakowski.

It’s a parade people look forward to every year.

“The scout way has everything to do with what the veterans are so we came out to support the veterans wave our flags and show our support for all they did for us,” said Nowakowski.

The 85 veterans chosen by their community had the chance to tour our nation’s capitol. Seeing memorials made in their honor.

When they returned they were given the welcome home many never received.

If you missed this honor flight parade don’t worry, the next Honor Flight will be on October 5.

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