Hancock Co. students ask school board to approve nickel tax

Officials: Nickel tax needed for new middle school in Hancock Co.

HANCOCK CO., Ky. (WFIE) - After months of hard work, the entire Hancock County Middle School voted the nickel tax as a project hopefully leading to a new middle school.

The eighth graders are the ones who made their voices heard at Thursday night’s Hancock County school board meeting.

“The opportunities to inform the public about why they see the need every day when they walk those hallways," said Superintendent Kyle Estes.

“So no one else has to go through it," said eighth grade student Jack Duncan. "It probably won’t happen this year if it happens, but it can not change our lives, but change someone else’s.”

Their presentation will included they face every day in the aging school. Students showed us some of those problems...like mold samples from classrooms, cracked walls and overcrowded hallways.

“Our school probably isn’t all that healthy for our students," said eighth grade student Blair Roberts. "And we need improvements no matter what. It’s going to happen one way or another.”

“Most kids have to put their bags in a teacher’s closest because there’s not enough room in the closet.," said Lauren Kellems, another eighth grade student.

The nickel tax would bring in about a quarter of a million dollars each year and would be matched by the state.

“I’m hoping that people will think about the greater good of the county’s children instead of just like o I don’t want to pay a tax," said Danielle Ford. "Because it’s not that much, because if you had a $53,000, it would only be $26 additional dollars per year.”

The school board said they will decide in about a month if they will pass a resolution to pursue the tax. From there, several steps have to be met before it is voted on by the school board.

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