Decision 2019: Daviess Co. voters explain their vote

Decision 2019: Daviess Co. voters explain their vote

DAVIESS CO., Ky (WFIE) - 14 News caught up with some voters on both sides of the ballot Tuesday.

Daviess County drew in 17 percent of voters. The County Clerk tells us that’s higher than previous election years.

Some hot button topics we heard from voters Tuesday on what swayed their vote were abortion rights, anti-abortion, medical marijuana, and the pension problem.

We spoke with Janie Blair of Owensboro who voted for KY Attorney General Andy Beshear. “I think mainly the teacher’s pension, which (Beshear) has sued over that. I like over the medicinal marijuana. He said, ‘let the people vote it'," said Blair.

Sharon Chanley of Owensboro explained why she voted for Gov. Matt Bevin. “There are other major issues that I believe in strongly. I believe in life. I stand for life, for the time the little baby is conceived," said Chanley.

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