Police investigating after shots fired into Henderson Co. home

Police investigating after shots fired into Henderson Co. home

HENDERSON CO., Ky. (WFIE) - A Henderson County home was shot at several times overnight.

Police are working to find the person who pulled the trigger.

Meanwhile, a second investigation concerning explosives continues on the same road.

The sound of shots hitting a nearby home is what woke up Daniel Crowley shortly after 3 A.M.

"Sounded like to me eight gun shots going off right in a row,” Crowley recalled.

The Henderson County Sheriff’s Department with Henderson police rushed out to Diamond Island Road early Tuesday morning. Deputies found the home had been shot several times, but there was no sign of the shooter.

“I came outside, nobody around, no cars, nothing,” Crowley said.

This is the second time in one week deputies have been called to this road.

“Kind of strange that this little road is getting all the action for some reason,” Crowley added.

Last Tuesday, C-4, a military explosive, was found less than half a mile from the targeted home. Deputies don’t feel the two situations are connect but coincidental instead.

"We’ve had quite a bit of excitement I guess, last week with the bomb they found up the road, and now with the gun shots. I’ve never seen this much excitement on this road,” Crowley explained.

These emergency responses that are catching the attention of most Corydon residents.

"It sounded like a large caliber gun, but it’s almost like it sounded like a cannon,” Crowley told 14 News.

Deputies say three people were inside the home during the shooting. None of them were hurt.

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