Fire destroys home in White Plains, KY

Home destroyed after fire in White Plains, KY

WHITE PLAINS, Ky. (WFIE) - A weekend fire destroyed a home and killed a family dog in White Plains.

It happened overnight Saturday.

Amanda Crunk shared photos on her Facebook page. She says her family lost everything, including one of their three dogs.

White Plains Fire
White Plains Fire (Source: WFIE)

Crunk, along with her 10-year-old son, were in their bedrooms sleeping. She tells us, she had been working on the pool near that porch earlier in the day.

She knew after seeing the orange glow and flames right outside she had to move quickly.

After grabbing her son, the two ran out just before flames made their way inside, scorching the entire double wide. Her husband and step son we’re not home.

Crunk says she took her wedding rings off during the pool work, but they have seen been found with some melted plastic around them that she’s hoping will come off.

They do have have family in the area and are expecting to work with the Red Cross as well as local churches. She says she wants to thank the white plains fire department.

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