Students honor classmate at graduation

Students honor classmate at graduation

OWENSBORO, Ky. (WFIE) - Tears fell as Tamarack remembered Kalie Jo Stiles, a student that passed away two years ago. She would have graduated the fifth grade Friday.

“I have tears of sadness, and I have tears of joy also," Rana Stiles, Kalie’s mother said.

After all the students were recognized, friends of Kalie remembered her by giving her parents her graduation certificate and sharing how much they missed Kalie.

“Kalie will always be apart of it and apart of this school, Tamarack, the whole picture," Jessica Morris the assistant principal at Tamarack Elementary said. "So we knew we couldn’t at the beginning of the year have fifth grade graduation without her having a part in it.”

Kalie’s mother Rana says her daughter would have been ecstatic to be moving on to middle school.

“She would be so excited and so proud of herself that she got that certificate," Rana said.

But as the current class moves on..

“I think some of them will continue to think about her when they graduate middle school, and as they graduate high school," Morris said. "And some of them will take a piece of her all the way through life.”

Her family, friends and teachers all agree she will always be apart of Tamarack.

“It’s hard for me to see her moving on," Rana said. "But I’ll always see her here at Tamarack.”

“Even though her class is moving on and we’d love to see her moving on as well, she’ll always be a star," Morris said.

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