Justice For Chloe: murder victim’s cousins look to raise domestic violence awareness

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Justice for Chloe: murder victim’s cousins look to raise domestic violence awareness

HENDERSON, Ky. (WFIE) - In March, a woman was found dead and police believe her estranged husband is responsible.

As the investigation continues into the murder of Chloe Randolph-Abdikadir, two cousins are now raising domestic violence awareness. They say they are wanting to give not only resources, but also support to anyone who may be in a similar situation.

We are talking about Chloe’s Legacy.

“I mean she was strong. She was beautiful, a great mom,” relative Betsy Hardin described.

A mother, daughter, sister and friend.

“Lived very authentically, didn’t care what other people thought of her but would go out of her way to stand up for somebody else,” Hardin recalled.

For nearly two months, relatives of Chloe Randolph have been working to honor her. It seemed fitting to use their voices to raise awareness on domestic violence issues.

“That we could maybe save another family from going through what we have gone through,” relative Amanda Smith said.

On March 23, the 20-year-old was found dead in a Henderson apartment. Family says she went to her estranged husband’s apartment to get her son. That is where she was viciously attacked and later found dead.

“You hear of things like this happening to other people all the time, but when it happens to you, it changes everything,” Hardin added.

Randolph’s family is using social media and online resources to reach out to other potential victims. They want to be a pathway for others, leading them out of domestic violence.

“We wanted to make sure something positive came could come out of our tragedy,” Smith stated.

We were at a balloon release last month where her family joined survivors of domestic violence.

“The reception from the community has been overwhelming I think for all of us,” Smith told 14 News via Skype.

Starting Saturday, purple wristbands will be available at selected Henderson businesses.

“She fought until her last breath and we want it to be a symbol of strength for people,” Hardin expressed.

A weight, that although is heavy, is also helping provide healing.

“I think every once in a while, it feels like its lifted, but the truth is it never completely goes away,” Hardin said.

The Randolph family is working to get a foundation established in Chloe’s memory.

They would also like to start a coalition or support network for victims in Henderson of domestic violence.

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