Complete coverage from this year’s first Friday After 5

Friday After 5 season officially underway

OWENSBORO, Ky. (WFIE) - It is that time of the year again as Friday After 5 officially begins.

Beth Sweeney on site for Friday After 5

14 News anchors Beth Sweeney and Randy Moore have been out and about throughout the day talking with local and event officials.

Here from Meredith Keller, Jay Velotta, and Kirk Kirpatrick on 14 News.

Fifth Third Bank Mortgage Loan Officer talks with 14 News at Friday After 5

A new feature is being introduced this season for Friday After 5:

Friday After 5 launches new program this year
Friday After 5 Board Chairmen speaks with 14 News
Board Member Kirk Kirkpatrick talks with 14 News at Friday After 5

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