Poseyville hoping to renovate historic library

Poseyville hoping to renovate historic library

Poseyville, Ind. (WFIE) - Poseyville’s city council has approved a bond for $550,000 to renovate and continue restoration of the Carnegie Public Library.

City leaders hope to keep original furniture and restore some of the history. Bruce Baker is the Poseville Town Council President, but he also grew up in Poseyville. He said, “It was all about books, and there was no computers, or tapes or CD’s or anything like that. It was all books.”

He started going to the library more than 50 years ago. Baker said, “I think it’s very personal to read, I think it’s very personal to be with other people to read and be educated.”

His passion for the historic library is shared with the community who hopes to keep the original structure just as it was back in 1905.

“We have our same windows, our same stain glass, the same woodwork, the same tables. So maintaining the integrity of the building is really important to me because this is a historical building and it means a lot to people in town,” said Heather Morlan, the Director of the Poseville Carnegie Public Library.

It was important for the community to keep one of Posey Counties historical pieces in place, including original books and bookshelves. Many who grew up there have memories that sit behind the walls. Morlan said, "I remember getting books and taking them home, kids would come up here with their wagons. And they would get books and take them home in their wagons. So this just felt like home.

The county council will now have to vote whether or not to move forward with the plan.

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