New behavioral hospital opens its doors in Huntingburg

New Behavioral Health Hospital expanding mental health care in Huntingburg

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - The old St. Joseph Hospital in Huntingburg is reopening next week, but under a new name.

Crossroads Behavioral Hospital cut the ribbon at an open house on Wednesday May 15,2019.

The facility has 8 rooms with 16 beds.

The rooms have been designed to be as safe as possible with slanted doors, rounded door handles, and pull down curtains.

All this is to make sure patients are safe and unable to harm themselves.

The hospital will focus on in-patient care.

That means patients will stay 7 to 14 days and receive psychiatric and medical care.

The staff will be giving care not only inside the hospital, but they’ll get out into the community.

Making sure everyone who reaches out is taken care of.

As a registered nurse myself with a team under me, we are going to be out and about in the community. So, if you call and have a need or a question, whether or not this is the right choice for mom. We can actually come to your home or your location and help you make that decision just seeing her and giving that clinical expertise" said RN Shana Weyer.

This new behavioral hospital means so much to the city of Huntingburg.

So much so. many of the old saint Joseph hospital staff are coming back.

More than half of the employees here worked in saint Joseph or were born here says staff.

Beth Mehringer used to work in this building when it was saint Joseph and she tells me for many of the staff there is no other place they would rather be working.

“People were emotionally attached to this. A lot of our employees and community were born here, and not only born here but then ended up working here. Extremely attached to this area. I had people stop me just to talk about the hospital. People stopping in while we were during construction. Just to see it. We have a lot of former nurses that worked here for 30 years plus” said administrator Beth Mehringer.

Crossroads will focus on treating the whole patient- treating both for mental and physical health.

The hospitals first 4 patients will be welcomed here Monday, May 20,2019. There are 12 more beds ready to fill to help the community.

The referral hotline number is (800)-676-6718.

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