Henderson Co. HS, Methodist Hospital create bereavement boxes

Henderson Co. HS, Methodist Hospital create bereavement boxes

HENDERSON CO., Ky. (WFIE) - More than two dozen bereavement boxes are being supplied to parents in need around the county.

It’s a partnership between Methodist Hospital and the Henderson County High School.

Understanding how difficult miscarriage and fetal deaths can be, their construction and carpentry class embraced the project, building 30 boxes in three different sizes.

For some families, the finances are simply not there.

Each of the boxes contain lids and are engraved with a cross. They have also offered to make additional boxes as needed.

A group of women with the Prayer Shawl Ministry at Saint Paul’s Episcopal church help make small blankets to wrap the babies in as they are laid to rest in these boxes.

“They have hearts of compassion and care,” said Rev. Mary Wyre, director of chaplaincy services. “They understand that there are parents who grieving and do not have the financial resources to put their babies to rest, and they have the heart to offer what they’ve done. I am most grateful. They give me hope for the future.”

The boxes were blessed on Thursday.

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