Escaped llamas run amok in Las Vegas neighborhood

Escaped llamas run through Vegas neighborhood

LAS VEGAS (KLAS/CNN) - Commuters on a Las Vegas road were taken by surprise when a pair of escaped llamas appeared in the roadway Tuesday.

Hershey and Kisses left home and galloped down the road near the Elkhorn and Jones intersection. At one point, they even stopped by the median, making an interesting commute for drivers like Nikia Dyson, who shot video on her phone.

“To actually see that on the way to school, everyone just got a ton of giggles out of it,” Dyson explained.

Dyson said the llamas caused a bit of drama at first.

"The area was kind of blocked off. We initially thought it was a car accident. But as we approached the area where it was a standstill, realized it was the actual llamas there," Dyson said.

Las Vegas City Animal Control responded and found the duo. They hadn’t gone too far from home. The property where the two llamas wandered off from is a couple of hundred yards away.

The pair were safely reunited with their owner, who was issued a citation for the animals interfering with pedestrians.

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