West Side Nut Club is improving Mesker Amphitheater entrance

West Side Nut Club is improving Mesker Amphitheater entrance

EVANSVILLE, IN. (WFIE) - People pass by the Mesker Amphitheater every single day and the West Side Nut Club took note of something there that could be utilized. Publicity Chairman Eddie Dietz says it just made sense.

“Looking at this eyesore all the time is one thing, but then to know that we had a bathroom sitting there that folks could use and just better our community, that was a dead tie-in and really worked out well,” said Dietz.

The bathroom currently sits behind a fence. That fence will be taken down and a new one will make it accessible to the public.

“There will be a lot of different landscaping, a lot of different shrubbery, the sidewalks that we have just poured will be clean and the new bathroom will be up and functional and working,” said Dietz.

They have already put up a lot of the fence posts, and even repainted the entrance to make it more welcoming. Dietz says many passing by have asked if they are fixing up the entire amphitheater, but the Nut Club does not have control over the city's plans for the rest of the facility.

“What we can do is control and better the way it looks and with the little bit of functionality that we have that we can use out there. So that is what we are doing. A lot of folks have a lot of memories and would like to see it going, we are just trying to make it more presentable and usable as we can," said Dietz.

The West Side Nut Club plans to have all of the improvements completed this Saturday.

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