Tech jobs growing drastically in Indiana

Tech jobs growing drastically in Indiana

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Governor Eric Holcomb said the tech jobs are growing twice as fast in the Hoosier state as the national average. It’s called the “silver tsunami,” and it’s happening in the tech field across Indiana.

“The folks that were there and had been working there since they were teenagers are now at the age where they are retiring,” Joseph Binkley, Ivy Tech Director of Admissions, explains.

Right now across Indiana there is a need to fill two types of technology jobs.

Applied technology jobs are one of the more traditional jobs. They include welding and automotive jobs.

Many workers are now retiring out of that field.

“It’s all because they see in the long term, in the next few years, how much demand, how much need there’s going to be,” said Binkley.

The other type of tech job is information technology.

“Information technology is when we think about computer systems and servers and doing the technical work on computer systems,” says Binkley.

Several of these tech jobs require some sort of certification or training that is offered through Ivy Tech. Thanks to Next Level Jobs, a state program, much of that training is free through the college.

This allows the college to help even more people achieve their goals.

“We’re doing things that not all schools do, because the jobs that need filled don’t always require a bachelors degree," Binkley says. "We try to really focus in. What does our community need. So let’s do those things, let’s provide the opportunities, the certifications and trainings to accomplish that.”

If you’re interested in learning about these jobs, Ivy Tech will have a Next Level Jobs informational event on Thursday, May 30th at 6 p.m. at the Evansville campus.

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