Mt. Vernon Fire Station adds unique feature designed to save lives

Mt. Vernon Fire Station adds unique feature designed to save lives

Mt. Vernon, Ind. (WFIE) - At the Mt. Vernon Fire Station, there is a new really unique feature.

In fact, there’s only 10 nationwide. It is a safe haven baby box.

Leaders say this is a no judgement zone. And that the parent’s life, plus the life of the child will go on.

Community leaders say they were surprised to see so many people come out to show their support for the baby box.

There are eight Safe Haven Baby Boxes in Indiana and the other two are in Ohio. The first in Indiana launched in 2016.

The boxes provide a safe way to surrender your healthy newborn without fear of criminal prosecution.

Creater Monica Kelsey shared her story of how her 17-year-old mother was attacked and raped in the ’70s.

“I was abandoned as an infant back in 1973 when there was no safe haven law,” explains Kelsey. My birth mother felt that was the only option back then. Today, we have other options available for these moms and for me to be able to do that for other women when it wasn’t an option for my birth mom, it just warms my heart. Because I’m giving women today an option that my birth mom didn’t have. It’s amazing that my life was saved so that today I may save others."

These are electronically monitored, meaning an alarm will sound when the door is opened. A second alarm will also go off if a baby is put inside the box. EMS should respond in minutes.

The boxes are heated as well as cooled and used as a last resort option for women.

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