OPD: C-4 explosive found in Corydon determined to be military grade

OPD: C-4 explosive found in Corydon determined to be military grade

CORYDON, Ky. (WFIE) - A powerful explosive was safely picked up in a small western Kentucky community Tuesday afternoon.

Since the scene has cleared, neighbors now tell us the discovery was unnerving.

"I walked down to the edge of the road for just a minute, and when they said bomb, I came back home,” neighbor Sarah Crowley smiled.

Crowley watched as deputies rushed to Diamond Island Road in Corydon Tuesday. An explosive was found on the ground off a gravel path.

Owensboro Police’s Hazardous Device Unit was called in to help. The explosive was identified as C-4. We have confirmed it was of military grade.

“Kind of scary, a little bit. Thinking what could have happened, but didn’t, thank the good Lord,” Crowley added.

OPD’s Officer Boggess tells us it does not appear to have been tampered with. He also says it does not seem it was strategically laid there or believe there was any malicious intent.

"I’ve walked up and down this road numerous times and had my little dog with me. Over in the area where they found it, my son was mowing earlier. All these scenarios running through your head,” Crowley explained.

Still, with uncertainty, Crowley tells 14 News they’ll be more careful and closely pay attention to where they walk.

The explosive was returned to the military.

"I looked out the window and everybody was gone. And I breathed a sigh of relief thinking good! That’s enough excitement for a lifetime,” Crowley laughed.

We are still working to find out additional information such as how it ended up there, how long it was there, and if there will be any consequences for how it was mishandled.

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