Swedish Match celebrates $100m expansion, over 100 new jobs

Swedish Match celebrates $100m expansion, over 100 new jobs

OWENSBORO, KY (WFIE) - New jobs and more money as Swedish Match is investing in Western Kentucky.

“Jobs bring the people," Al Mattingly the Daviess County Judge Executive said. "The better paying job you have, the more people from outside the community come in.”

The $100 million expansion at Swedish Match will be used to make a brand new product. It’s called ZYN, a smoke-less, tobacco free pouch.

“I think Swedish Match is getting ahead of the curve here and are looking into products like ZYN to capture more of the US market," Senator Matt Castlen said. "It’s great to see it happening in a community tobacco is so rich in.”

120 permanent jobs will eventually be added to the new facility.

“The employees here are great," Tony Martin the VP of U.S supply chain for Swedish Match said. "That’s another reason that it was decided to expand here as well because the employees have always been responsive to new things.”

Local leaders believe those jobs are going to have a positive impact in the community.

“I think it gives young people that opportunity to remain in this community instead of leaving Owensboro and Daviess county looking for another job," Mattingly said.

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