Rain didn’t stop people from enjoying BBQ Fest in Owensboro

Rain didn't stop people from enjoying BBQ Fest in Owensboro

OWENSBORO, KY (WFIE) - Saturday was a soggy day for the International Bar-B-Q Festival in Owensboro, but that didn’t stop people from going out and enjoying the food.

According to festival officials, the event just keeps getting better with age.

“Our crowd grows every year," said BBQ Fest Chair, Allen Payne. "We probably had close to 30,000 people or so this year and when you get the pretty weather constantly you know that’s going to grow even more.”

Rachel and Kyle Besing didn’t mind the rain. The couple moved to Owensboro four years ago and now the mutton, the chicken, and the burgoo just seem like home.

“This was kind of a unique function to Owensboro and we really started to feel like we were part of the town, so we knew if you were going to be a part of Owensboro you need to come down to the BBQ fest," said Rachel. "Honestly it feels like everybody’s down here.”

“It doesn’t matter from what walk of life, you can come down here and you can get your face painted, you can ride a ride, you can get a red velvet funnel cake, you can get a two-inch thick pork chop sandwich," said Allen. "It’s just unbelievable stuff to come down and see. It’s family oriented and it’s something to do for everybody.”

But the main attraction was the food.

“We just generally like the atmosphere of a lot of food,” said Kyle.

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