Twin Bridges traffic left at stand still for hours after deadly wreck

Twin Bridges traffic left at stand still for hours after deadly wreck

HENDERSON, KY (WFIE) - An early morning wreck caused drivers heading both north and south on the Twin Bridges to come to a stop on Monday.

Traffic was stopped for over three hours Monday on the southbound side of US-41 after an accident on the Twin Bridge, which killed one person. We talked with a couple of truck drivers who said they’ve had to wait this out for well over three hours.

“Well there’s not much to do," Chris Williams, 26 years as a truck driver, explains. "It’s a beautiful morning and you just got to be mindful that somebody’s having a worse day than I am.”

The shutdown began around 4:30 a.m. Monday. About 10 minutes later, Williams and another truck driver, Kevin Dick realized they were stuck.

“When the crews came up and started backing us up then we assumed we were going to cross over in front of the race track and roll down the other side, but now they’re going to have us wait until they clear it up and go ahead on this side,” Williams said as he sat waiting in traffic.

Each driver deals with the stand still in their own way, even with a deadline looming.

"Doing some paperwork and watching videos on YouTube,” Dick says.

“Sitting quietly, patient, listening to the radio,” says Williams. "Listening to the people on the CB make up stories.”

“With the deliveries I have to make I leave early because I have to run kind of a tight schedule because I have Walmart and Kroger deliveries I have to be in by a certain time,” explains Dick.

“You know like I said, somebody up there in front of me is having a bad day and you do this long enough and you either lose your mind or you learn patience,” Williams states.

Kentucky State Police are still investigating the accident.

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