Farmers feel effects of large amount of rain fall

Farmers feel effects of large amount of rain fall

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - As rain makes it’s way back into our forecast, many local farmers are having to push back their planting schedules.

Although the wet spring may be good for allergy sufferers, farmers are less than happy.

“Well, we’ve had another wet spring this year, and last year was wet, but this year was wetter. It kind of hurt us a little bit in getting things planted this year,” said Paul Mayse.

Without enough time between bouts of rain to dry the fields, it’s hard for farmers like Paul to use their tractors to plant. So, Paul and his crew have to plant their produce by hand, rain or shine.

“We did plant tomatoes last week in the rain just to get them planted. We came in soaking and wet but we got them planted," said Paul.

Corn and bean farmers who rely on big equipment have to wait.

Mayse Market also uses greenhouses in times like this, an environment they can control.

“Actually I think these taste better than the field, homegrown tomatoes. I do yeah, they got a better flavor,” said Paul.

Now, Paul waits for a few dry days in a row. With his cucumber and tomato plants all lined up and ready to be planted in the ground.

But if nothing changes soon, he may just have to pray and plant them in the rain.

“When you have rain all the time it’s just not a lot you can do about it. Our cucumbers, squash, peppers, and things like that we’re going to try and plant them this week. If it’s wet then we are just gonna go out there and plant them by hand like we used to when I was a kid,” said Paul.

Right now, Mayse Farm Market here in Evansville is still on schedule for the season, and hopes the rain will let up soon.

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