2 candidates eye for Evansville Mayor spot

2 candidates vye for Evansville Mayor spot

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - Tuesday is election day in Indiana and two republicans vye for one spot on the November ballot for Evansville mayor.

These candidates are running on very different experiences.

Connie Whitman’s campaign has been based on a pamphlet, which includes 25 points that make up her platform.

Meanwhile, Mayor Lloyd Winnecke’s campaign has focused on his experience in city hall over the last seven and a half years.

Both candidates believe they have the best interests of the city in mind. They have spent months campaigning, and both plan to get an early start to their day on Tuesday to get out the vote.

“It is a great time to ask for people’s support and our pledge is that we’ll run the city as we have done, these now last seven and a half years and we hope to do so another four years beginning in next January,” explains Mayor Winnecke.

“I have a couple meetings tonight [Monday] and I’ve mostly been going to as many neighborhood association meetings as I can, plus other things," said Whitman. "I might continue campaigning. I might just work my nearest polling place where I always vote.”

This is just one of the races we will be following for you right here Tuesday on 14 News.

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