Annual ‘Catchin’ With Capin’ event now a staple field trip for students

Annual ‘Catchin’ With Capin’ event now a staple field trip for students

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - You can catch a whole lot more than just fish in the water.

At “Catchin’ with Capin',” you’ll also catch kids smiling from ear to ear. This yearly event has become a staple field trip for students with disabilities.

“Quite a few of them would ask me if I could take them fishing and for the longest time I’d tell them I couldn’t do it, thinking I would never get the permissions and just couldn’t raise the money,” explains Kyler Capin, event organizer.

It all started 12 years ago when Capin was volunteering with a special needs class.

With support from family and people in the community, he started fishing with 20 kids. More than a decade later, nearly 500 kids have made their way to the lake.

“I was down here last year and they didn’t catch very many and uh when they did, it was just so much joy from all these kids,” says volunteer Steve Weber.

Weber decided to help a little more this year by donating a 1,000 hybrid fish to stock the lake and up the chances for a big catch.

“I feel better catching a fish, but after I catch a fish I put him back,” Evan Carter, young fishermen, says.

Carter fished all morning and his big catch of the day was one of a kind.

"When I was catching the turtle it was stuck and after that it broke the pole and I had to get another pole,” Carter recalls.

And then there some who only caught seaweed. You might think it would get them down, but for this group catching anything with capin’ is part of the fun.

Students and teachers are already looking forward to next years fishing adventure. Capin says he hopes each year the event will be bigger and better.

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