EVSC’s Wee Care sees successful first year

Nearly all spots already filled for next year
EVSC’s Wee Care sees successful first year
Published: May. 2, 2019 at 6:15 PM CDT
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EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - The Evansville-Vanderburgh School Corporation is closing the books on its first year of Wee Care, child care for employees with children. With every spot full and nearly every spot already filled next year, EVSC calls it a hit.

Nichole Alcorn is EVSC’s Director of Special Education. Juggling work and three kids is a bit easier now that she sends her two little ones to Wee Care.

“Everyone’s excited to pick up their kiddos and hear about their days so you get to work with amazing people, but then when your children get to grow up with their kids it’s a pretty awesome experience,” says Alcorn.

An educator herself, Alcorn appreciates Wee Care’s focus on early learning and opening kids’ eyes to new experiences like a flat tire.

“The teacher took a balloon, showed how to deflate the balloon, took the children outside to look at the tire. Everything that is going on in the community or within just what they bring up, that teacher takes on that learning and really expands the children’s opportunities,” says Alcorn.

Most teachers do not need child care in the summer. Wee Care offers a unique solution.

Families can keep the kids home and hold their spot without a charge.

“Well it’s no secret that Indiana is about 50th in terms of attractiveness for teaching. What we’re trying to do in EVSC is clearly to buck that trend. We do know that Wee Care is an attractor for employees. We have received high quality employees and we’re keeping them because of benefits such as Wee Care. So we think it’s a win for the entire community,” says EVSC Superintendent Dr. David Smith.

Wee Care staff stick with the same children until preschool. When kids head to kindergarten, parents get a learner profile with personalized information on their child.

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