INDOT assesses intersection of Hwy 41 and Washington Ave

INDOT assesses intersection of Hwy 41 and Washington Ave

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - The busy intersection of US Highway 41 and Washington Avenue has been a safety concern for decades, primarily because so many kids have to cross to get to school. Community members have been pushing for a pedestrian bridge.

“It is way past time to do something and we need to make the intersection safer for the kids that are going to school or other pedestrians at different times during the day,” said Deputy Mayor Steve Schaefer.

If you drove through the intersection on Wednesday morning, the bright safety vests you saw were a sign of action. Crews looked for important information about how the intersection works.

“Taking measurements of the existing facility, observing pedestrian crossing behavior, vehicular travel behavior and trying to assess the general operation of the intersection,” said City Engineer Brent Schmitt.

This information will be reported back to INDOT in order to help determine what options would best suit pedestrian safety in the area.

“It could be anything from a brand new pedestrian bridge, to a pedestrian tunnel, improvements in signage, lighting, striping. Even something that may seem minute, something as simple as the operation of how the signal operates," said Schmitt.

Whatever the best option may be, the city and state are determined to figure out what will keep everyone as safe as possible.

“It feels good, but the job isn’t done yet. The city and state have heard from the community. We have looked at the stats, the crash data and so forth and it needs to be a safer intersection,” said Schaefer.

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