Holocaust survivor shares story in Evansville

Holocaust survivor shares story in Evansville

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - Fred Gross fled with his family from Belgium as a child.

He has a book called “One Step ahead of Hitler: A Jewish Child’s Journey Through France.” In it, he talks about his family’s flight from the German invasion of Belgium, to France during its defeat and collaboration with the Nazis, and finally finding freedom in America.

Organizers for the event say they brought Gross to Evansville because of the powerful stories he tells.

“He doesn’t think about what he lost, and that’s the first thing he’ll tell you. He said ‘So many people lost so many things during the Holocaust in their personal experiences.’ But he’s here to remind us of what we’ve gained, and the stories that have come from it, and the lives that these people and their families have gone on to live,” said Cassidy Kinner-Green, Evansville Public Library Engagement Manager.

Gross now lives in Louisville where he teaches others about his experiences.

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