NCAA announces ’20 DII title game moving from Evansville to ATL

2020 DII title game not in Evansville

ATLANTA (WFIE/AP) - The return of the Final Four to Atlanta in 2020 also will bring the Division II and III championships back to the city.

Atlanta hosted all three championships in 2013, the last time it was the site of the Final Four. It's the only other year all three divisions held their championship games in the same city.

The Evansville Sports Corp released this statement on Wednesday: “It is our [Evansville Sports Corp] understanding that the NCAA may choose to combine the men’s basketball championships from time to time in future years as it has been well received by participating student-athletes, coaches and fans across the divisions.”

The NCAA also announced on Wednesday all three women's championships will be held in Dallas as part of the 2023 NCAA women's Final Four. The three women's championships were held in the same city in Indianapolis in 2016.

The 2020 men’s Final Four is scheduled for Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta on April 4 and 6. The Division II and Division III championships will be played at nearby State Farm Arena on April 5.

According to Evansville Sports Corp, the Division II Championship is contracted to be held in Evansville through 2022. Sports Corp says it is possible the contract could be extended through 2023 because of the location change for this upcoming year.

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