Work progresses for new Henderson Co. Jail building

Work progresses for new Henderson Co. Jail building

HENDERSON CO., KY (WFIE) - Work is coming along on the new jail building.

The frame is now up on a building belonging to the jail. This is where probation and parole will be housed, giving them a lot more room.

This building is expected to be about 4,700 square feet and is going up along Borax Drive, just off of Highway 60, near the jail.

Last summer, we told you the state was looking to expand and move the local parole office from their current location along 9th Street.

The building belongs to the jail, who leases it back to the state, bringing in a guaranteed revenue for the next eight years of around $50,000.

Some areas will need to be contracted out, but other areas are being built by inmates in the substance abuse program, which is a pilot program where the SAP prisoners have to work to be in the program.

We are told this helps offset the budget.

“When we have the workers out here like that they’ll work six or seven days a week if they want to, if we can, but we normally try to keep them at five days a week," explains Captain Eddie Vaught, Henderson County Jail. "But some are asking for Saturday’s already. so it goes quickly than just laying in there, the time does.”

The building should be done in July.

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